Almost all participants raise money to pay for their GO Trip

We get it, those trip costs are no joke. The good news?
Thousands of people who didn’t have the money when they signed up for a trip have been able to go.

Now, you probably aren’t going to fund your trip by scrounging up the change under your couch cushions (if you are, please invite us over). Thankfully, we’ve been here before. We’ve found that most trip participants can raise most, if not all, of their trip fees by asking for help. Others choose to hold support raising events, sell things, save, or work overtime. These are all great strategies, and they all work. Trust us, there are plenty of creative ways to fund a GO Trip.

We help the cause by allowing you to send a special link to friends and family where they can sponsor your trip. And, all donations to your trip are considered charitable contributions to Crossroads, so many will get a nice little tax break. Don’t let a lack of funds be the reason you don’t go. Let’s talk it through.


story Ney


Meet Ney. In 2014, Ney wanted to go to South Africa for the first time. She felt a nudge to ask people to give up their spare change, and launched a Pennies 4 Africa campaign. Literally pennies at a time, she raised all $3,000 to fund her trip. And in 2015, she crafted memory blankets and sold those. Again, she raised every cent she needed for her trip. Ney was blown away. Her story started before she had even packed a bag.



Meet Kendall. Kendall realized early on that she needed to invite people into the support raising process for a trip to India. So, she sent postcards and handwritten notes and personally invited friends to partner with her financially. Kendall also held an instruction-led painting session she called Coffee and Canvas, where she provided all the details about the work they would be doing and why it’s necessary to support girls rescued from sex slavery. People gave generously, excited to hear about this world-changing stuff. And Kendall got all the financial and spiritual support she needed.



This is Dave. He was reluctant to ask for support to go to New Orleans. After all, he had the money, a steady job, and he’s a guy’s guy. Dave is usually the one who helps others, not the other way around. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that he was supposed to ask for help. And the response was totally unexpected. Friends called to thank Dave for letting them be a part of something bigger than themselves, and one supporter said the ask prompted a very meaningful conversation with his teenage kids. For Dave, taking the bold step to ask for help was difficult, awkward, and incredible.


Money FAQs

Deposit + Total Fees

The cost for each trip is different. One thing is the same: There is a deposit due with when you sign-up. If you don’t have this much money readily available, but feel called to GO, please talk to us. Deposits are due at the time of sign up. Once deposit is submitted your spot on the trip is secured. Please allow 7-10 business days for your payment to post on your trip account.


In the event Crossroads cancels a trip, your deposit will be refunded. Otherwise, the deposit is nonrefundable, because it costs us that much to change your tickets if you cancel. In the event a trip participant is unable to go on the trip, any money paid may be transferred to another trip participant. Refunds will not be given due to cancellation by a trip participant.

Tax Deductions

Donations to the trip (including money you put toward your own trip) are considered charitable donations to Crossroads. So you and the people who donate to your trip will get a nice little tax break.

Frequent Flyer Miles

We purchase group airline tickets for trips, so we are not able to let trip participants use frequent flier miles to pay for tickets. However, you will earn miles for your flight if you have an established frequent flier account with the airline we use.

Crowdfunding Sites

Using a crowdfunding site like Go Fund Me might seem like an awesome idea, but we ask that you do not use this method to support raise for your trip. By doing this, those that contribute to your trip will not be able to get a giving statement showing their donation to their trip and therefore won't be able to claim on their taxes. This is a big deal. We appreciate trip participants using our super sweet site to support raise.

Trip Specific FAQs